English Conversation B1/B2 - Blended learning

Let´ s have a conversation in English
Do you want to increase your level of fluency and confidence in English?  Is your goal to express your opinions and ideas in English, clearly, effectively and correctly? And: are you ready to do so in the comfort of your home? Well this blended learning English course is for you!

Each session will be focused on a general discussion topic: pop culture, music, health, food, art, sports, adventure and travel. Participants will read key articles on different topics, learn new vocabulary, and share personal opinions and ideas. Each session will include a weekly discussion activity on the online learning platform - Moodle. Here you will get a chance to join in a live online discussion in an enjoyable way with peers.

Die Teilnahme an dem Kurs setzt das Vorhandensein eines eigenen PCs zuhause voraus.
Zum Betreten des Gebäudes benutzen Sie bitte Eingang B des Horst-Eckel-Hauses.

10 Abende, 16.01.2018 - 20.03.2018
Dienstag, wöchentlich, 19:30 - 21:00 Uhr
10 Termin(e)
Rosa-Lee Champion
Horst Eckel Haus, Lehnstr. 16, 66869 Kusel, Mediothek, 2. OG
(gültig bis 12 Teilnehmende)
(gültig ab 13 Teilnehmenden)